April 18, 2012

roe vs. glitz

English model and fashion journalist, Louise Roe always rocks the red carpet with her
bold looks and fab style. Here she is in leather shorts and sequins, adding a few bold
accessories to to complete this red carpet ready ensemble. Here's how you can too:

April 11, 2012

top deck

Brooklyn Decker has certainly stepped up her fashion game for the promotional tour
of her upcoming film, Battleship. Here she is in Sydney in a cute little red shirt dress.
She adds some edge to her ensemble with black aviators and studded boots. Here's
how you can too:

April 10, 2012

travel (in)style

Ms. Kruger looks light and airy as she walks through the airport. Her style is perfect for this
spring weather. Whether you're traveling or hanging out with friends on the weekend, here's
how you can get her look:

April 8, 2012

striped camel

Oh how I never tire of stripes. Though this look seems basic, it's classic and easy and a
look that every girl should be able to default to this when in doubt. Ms. Rose Byrne pulls it
off seamlessly and here's how you can too:

April 7, 2012

keepin' it clean and simple

Oh Ms. Moss. You always get it right. Here she is in London in a simple but very chic
ensemble that would be perfect for your next big work event or even dinner with friends.
Here's how you can get the look:

April 3, 2012

rose tinted glasses

A reader recently asked me how to get Nicole Richie's monochromatic look. Ms. Richie
pairs her dainty dress and simple blazer with oversized sunglasses and snakeskin heels
and here's you can too:

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